What Is Moon Rock Weed and How Strong Is It?

What Is Moon Rock Weed and How Strong Is It?

If you are into cannabis then one of the things that you must try is the moon rocks. This the type of cannabis that you shod not underestimate either. Moon rocks were initially made for connoisseurs that are looking to elevate their smoking experience. If you are in the mood to try this type of cannabis then you are bound for a really good trip. And if it is your first time trying this weed then you might need a lot of water, snacks and some good vibes around you. It was rapper Kurupt which made moon rocks famous. He was signed int Death Row Records in the early ’90s and was a partner with Dr. Zodiak. The original moon rock products though were known as CR Zodiak’s moon rock. You need to remember though that just like anything else, moon rocks are not all made the same. The one that came from Dr. Zodiak is the one that is renowned since it has earned a lot of awards. There are also some moon rocks on the market that might have a totally different quality. The materials that will be used in making the moon rock will also be the basis for its potency and quality. There are some shady suppliers out there that will be using their worst quality nugs and low-quality oil and just hid it under a kief. You need to remember that if you don’t have any reliable source of moon rocks then it would be better if you will make your very own. If you are one of the many that haven’t tried this kind of cannabis then you are simply missing out. This one is nicknamed cannabis caviar for nothing. You need to remember that when talking about moon rocks that it is not a rare form of cannabis strain. Moon rocks are the ones that are a result of preparation and a different mixture of components. Moon rocks are basically composed of regular cannabis buds which are soaked in has oil. This mixture is then topped off with kief. Moon rocks are considered to be very potent as the good quality ones can make it hard for you to even walk.

How strong really is moon rocks weed?

With all of the introductions made, it’s just right that you will know how strong moon rockweeds really are. When talking about its potency then you have to remember that it depends on how it is made. Experts who have tried this weed said that inhaling it will give you around 51.2 percent of THC in every single hit. This means that for the regular smokers of moon rock that they can quickly get high. Even the experienced stoners will have a hard time consuming a whole blunt. Individuals who have treed moon rocks can say that it is one of the strongest forms of cannabis that they had. Except for the pure THC extract of course. You still need to remember that despite this one that not all moon rocks are the same. Due to the fact that different moon rocks are made differently than the batch that it will have can be different from one another. Even if this is the case that even for the experienced smoker will find it hard to stand up once they will take a hit of this weeds. This weed is strong enough to make you unproductive. What you want to do when you have smoked this weed is to just sit down, relax and giggle.

How is moon rock when eaten?

Just like any other cannabis products out there that moon rocks can also be made into edibles. What you can get with this one is just the same amount of THC and CBD. You need to remember that with edibles that you are able to get a higher amount of THC all in one go. If you are the type that wants to get wasted in just one sitting then you need to take moon rocks as edibles. For those that are really wondering that even a single bite of edibles made from moon rocks is strong enough to knock you down. There are more ways to make you feel the burn once you will be taking a bite of these pot brownies. Moon rocks can also be made into cannabutter. But there are many people that hesitate to try this one since they don’t really know the potency that it will give out and the reactions that they will have. You need to know that moon rocks is an experience that will be taking you out of this world.


If you are still considering how strong moon rocks are then you need to give it a try to really tell it for yourself. Nevertheless, moon rocks are strong enough to send experienced stokers like a kite in the sky. For casual smokers though, they can have different reactions but most of them can be floored with just a single hit. So if you are looking for that one hit punch then give this weed a try and you will see.

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