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If you are from Saskatchewan and you do not have enough time to go to a legal medical weed strains dispensary in your local area or you are just ashamed of going inside those places, then our mail order marijuana company is the right store for you because you can buy weed products from us even when you are just staying at home. In our website, you will see the different marijuana products we are offering with prices comparable to what you can find in local weed dispensaries.

Buying from a mail order marijuana store like us will bring you convenience while making an order because, with us, your order can be completed online. To buy real weed strains for sale, simply fill out the order form we provide on the website. You can purchase weed in a form of hash, edibles, tinctures, and extracts from us through an online electronic form or printable order form. You may contact us through our website for the mailing address where you can send your payment.

Our website is the right place for you to make a purchase if you are a resident of Saskatchewan and communities such as Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw and Swift Current. If you are looking for high quality and real marijuana products in the form of low to high-grade buds, pre-rolled joints, hash, tasty edibles, extracts, and tinctures. Our company named M.O.M Canada created a website to bring Saskatchewan residents with the finest real weed strains at reasonable and cheap prices. We are also offering discount prices to anyone with a medical condition and those who can present us with a medical marijuana card. All orders more than $200 will not be charged with any shipment fee.

Mail order marijuana is available with direct delivery as soon as you have settled your payment with us. Your shopping experience with us is assured to be hassle-free because of our company’s excellent customer service that can exceed your expectations. We will deliver your real marijuana order in a discrete manner to your home or any address you prefer.


  1. I have a doctors prescription for Phoenix Tears to treat my husbands metasisized cancer. I am looking for a supplier, delivery and pricing
    Can you help us

  2. Why is no one getting back to me on my order. I have sent emails.

    • Hi Elijah, please sent me a private message in our facebook page. I will attend to your concern asap.

  3. Hi there I am in Saskatchewan and I was wondering if you supply Cannabis pain patches for fibromyalga and ostro if not in Canada im wondering if you know when they will I don’t want to get into the heavy things that are addictive and if drug plans cover it thanks.

    • Hi Colleen,
      We are still in the process of looking for suppliers of that specific products.

  4. Hi my name is Timothy klarer.i have nine lil boys and one daughter I live in nipawin Saskatchewan. I was just diagnosed with stage4 liver cancer. I really want to get on some fast acting cannabis oil. In hopes to shrink these tumors. I start chemo therapy in a few weeks. Please help me.

  5. I suffer from COPD and panic attacks. I have tried cannabis oil as well as just the marjiuna in a bong. Neither seems to be very effective for me. Could you give me some suggestions? Tks Margaret

    • Please chat with our online chat support to get answers from our medical experts.

      Thank you Margaret

  6. Try us out Gloria, explore our website and try some of our products and avail of our %10 discount for medical card holders.

  7. Can I be busted for this?

    • Hi Kuts
      Please read our FAQ

  8. How long is the wait for delivery after ordering?

    • Hi Kathaleen,
      It takes 2-3 business days depending on the location

  9. I suffer from from fibromiagia..and depression for 20 years and have heard good results…How can I have something shipped to my doorstep to try a few of the products…please message me…I will see if I can catch yu on line…

  10. I live in Moose Jaw and have been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer stage 3
    I have just received my card / prescription a few weeks ago. I purchased some 10 10 oil from cannimed and have been using that however I would like to go with a faster acting form so I have chosen the hash oil. I have an R2 (this thing rips) atomizer pen that seems to work well with oil will your refills fit this unit. Could you please let me know what you need from me in order to partake in your services. And also how do I send a copy of my card to you for my 10% discount.

    • Hi Darren,
      Our refills is Standard size will fits most vape pens with 3.88mm x 2 inches. Just scan your copy of medical card and send it to us via email to avail of our 10% discount. For more questions and concerns feel free to chat with our live chat support.

  11. Do I have to have the medical card before I can order

    • Hi Lance,
      We don’t need medical card but If you have medical card you can avail of our 10% discount. Try our products now

    • Do I need a medical card if I want it directly to be shipped to my door in the next few days..I will be looking forward to hearing from yu thanks

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