Roam Beyond Reality with Romulan Marijuana Strain

Roam Beyond Reality with Romulan Marijuana Strain

Do you want to add more excitement to your usual marijuana smoking session? Romulan is one of the best strains to try leaving you completely beguiled. The objective of this strain is to provide medicinal and recreational relief to its users. You would get to enjoy its lasting tranquilizing after effects promoting physical and mental relaxation like youare on a bed of clouds because of its natural narcotic properties. The effectsare lasting from the mind throughout the body. Romulan is one of our top suggestionsespecially for people seeking more than just physical and mental relief. Thismarijuana strain would not turn you downand will give you one of your best smoking experiences.

What is Romulan Strain?

A marijuana strain powered by its pure indica dominance. This strain is famous for its therapeutical and recreational properties which is a big help in the field of research and development for cannabis. Romulan strain that was named after a humanoid race in the famous movie Star Trek. This strain produces mind-bending effects to the point of isolation similar to what these aliens of Star Trek possess. It is one of the most famous marijuana strain demonstrating utterly sedating effects relaxing both your mind and body. Romulan’s buds have pepper-shaped forest green nuggets in undertones of purple. The beauty is exemplary because of the purple leaves wrapped around it. It has orange hairs peeking through its surface too. Its appearance will make you want to try how potent the strain is.

History of Romulan Cannabis Strain

Romulan is what you get from a four-way cross of the classic strains Colombian strain, Korean Big Skunk, Afghani strain, and Mexican strain. Its roots lie in British Colombia in Canada where rumor has it, Canadian cannabis connoisseurs has been growing this strain since the 1950s. Initially, the producers of Romulan is just trying to come up with a strain that will leave you fully sedated that is why they mix and match strains that is up until now left unknown to preserve its roots as well as the history of its producers. This marijuana strain is one of the most powerful sedatives in the roster of the breeders leaving the fans of Romulan to seek for more. Because of how legendary this strain became, it has been featured in Skunk, High Times, and Cannabis Culture for further review. This is the next big thing for an all-natural alternative for laboratory-formulated treatments and medicines that is why they believe Romulan can offer more than what research and development are claiming.

Characteristics of Romulan Cannabis Strain

  • Cannabinoid Content

THC: 20% up to 24%

CBD: 1%

CBN: 1%

  • Classifications

Sativa: 0%

Indica: 100%

  • Lineage

Its roots came from Korean Big Skunk, an unknown Mexican strain, an unknown Colombian strain, and an unknown Afghani strain.

  • Smell

The smell of Romulan marijuana strain is very enticing. It comes in earthy, pine, and woody aroma. Every time you break the nuggets, the scent sears through your nose leaving you completely beguiled. It only proves how potent the strain is with how strong the scent is. As you exhale its smoke, you will be able to savor the herb and earthy aftertaste. Marijuana users identify the smell of Romulan as pure pungent promoting its real and lasting impact. Yes, the scent is very pleasant and appealing that you would be curious about the taste. It is like no other because of the distinct aroma. You will be able to identify the purity of Romulan.

  • Taste

The taste of Romulan is very strong and diverse that will leave you wanting for more. Its flavors come in citrus, woody, sweet, spicy, earthy and pine taste making it not that difficult to smoke especially for those people trying Romulan for the first time. The taste is very complex in nature but as the buds reach your taste buds, you would not let go of the sweet burning taste. The rich taste of Romulan refreshes your mind and body at every hit. It is a bit ironic because the flavors burn in your mouth all at once confusing your buds. There are hints of a citrus lemon aftertaste as you exhale.

  • Effects


Because of its undeniable richness in cannabinoid content, Romulan is one of the established therapeutic strains for patients who are suffering from severe physical and mental conditions. It works well, especially for stress management. We all know acquiring conditions is stressful especially if it is not common in public health. Romulan alleviates cases of stress as well as stress-related syndromes such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and paranoia. Tho it is best if it is consumed in small amounts considering its relatively high tetrahydrocannabinol content which affects more of the mind than the body. Romulan is also an effective natural analgesic. It manages the physical pain that you are experiencing such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, headaches, muscle spasms, and other forms of body pain. In addition to this, Romulan has proven to boost one’s appetite promotingweight gain. To enjoy its maximum effects, it is still best to dispense yourdosage under control.


As caused by Romulan possessing its pure indica properties, it is best if it will be smoked in the evening or before going to bed. The couch-lock effect sears through your body with just a couple hits of this strain. It generates physical and mental relaxation which is a big help in inducing a good night sleep that is why patients with severe conditions of insomnia seek for this particular strain. Considering how much it alleviates the physical pain you are experiencing, it provides comfort which is a factor in helping you sleep. In addition to this, as it promotes the floating sensation, you tend to be in an uplifted mood. You feel utterly happy and filled with joy throughout your high session making it more enjoyable to smoke. It is an indica strain that will make you feel that the experience is worthwhile.

  • Flowering Time

On an average, it takes eight to nine weeks for Romulan to flower.

  • Growing Experience

Romulan is an easy growing strain. It is not that difficult to grow because of its high resistance to common diseases causing the plant to deprive growth. First-time growers are more than welcome to try but you have to be mindful of the growing requirements and preferences of the strain.

How to Grow Romulan Cannabis Strain?

Romulan is one of the easy-growing strains making it suggested strain for growers who are inexperienced. Unlike other strains whose preference is a controlled, Romulan work for both indoor and outdoor environment. When grown outdoors, it has a distinctly strong aroma that is why we suggest using organic fertilizers. Its preferred environment should be a bit warm and dry outdoor climate for the plant to bloom and yield. It is best harvested around the middle of October with a yield of 9ounces of buds per plant. Meanwhile, for indoor preference, its flowering time usually takes 8 to 9 weeks for it toyield 9 ounces per square meter.

Romulan Strain Review

If you are seeking a more economical natural alternative to laboratory-formulated treatments and medicines, Romulan is one of the top suggestions. Considering that it works well for bothrecreational and medicinal purposes, there is no need for you to compromise.Marijuana users find Romulan very potent proven its natural sedating powersinducing a good night sleep. This is a suitable option especially to those whoare seeking for the mind and full-bodycomfort. With all the stress and anxiety experienced by people, it is best tohave an option that will help alleviate it all. To maximize its effects, it isbest to dispense Romulan with control to avoid overdose and other adversereactions of your body.

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