Watermelon: Indica Dominant Hybrid


As uplifting as a breezy summer day, Watermelon is a strain whose blend of fruity flavours is as potent its balance of Indica relaxation and Sativa-style euphoria.



A fantastically fruity strain that's deliciously true to its name, Watermelon is an 80% Indica hybrid with a high THC content and strong relaxation effects that are particularly helpful for people with anxiety, stress, and problems sleeping. Prized as hybrid that offers Sativa-like euphoria combined with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects you expect from a heavy Indica, this is a good all-round player and would suit both novice and expert users, whether on a day at the beach or a quiet evening in. For those undergoing chemotherapy, this strain can be an excellent choice for stimulating much-needed appetite, and its flavour is sweet and tropical with notes of grape and berry.


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