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PureTenes Vape Pen Refill Cartridges

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Flavoured Vape Pen Refill Cartridges by PureTenes –pre-loaded with pure THC distillate (0.5 ml), available in a half dozen mouth-watering fruity tastes. Depending upon availability, flavours may include: Headband; SFV OG; Tangie; Blueberry Mojito; Strawberry Watermelon; Strawberry Passion-fruit; Pineapple Express; Zkittles; Lime; Grape; Cherry Pie and Raw Distillate Kit

Resistance is 1.8 ohms and the Standard size will fits most vape pens with 3.88mm x 2 inches cartridge.


Few modern cannabis consumption methods are as convenient and easy as our PureTenes flavoured vape pen refill cartridges filled with pure THC distillate, giving even entry-level users access to top quality, extremely rapid symptom relief that can be as discreet as you need it to be. Created in a half-dozen deliciously fruity flavours, the mouthwatering choice is yours, and since every one is sure to be a potent winner, trying a few is as easy as unscrewing one standard 3.88mm x 2 inch size cartridge and screwing in another. With prudent use, most cartridges can last up to a week with a well-charged battery. Inhale slowly and steadily on the mouthpiece and hold the vapour in your lungs as long as you comfortably can for the maximum effect.