Red Dragon: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

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Sativa-dominant hybrid that uplifts and relaxes while relieving aches, pains and stimulating appetite. Order now and have Red Dragon shipped directly to your home anywhere in Canada.



Red Dragon announces itself right away, with an exotic flourish of fruitiness and a lingering sweetness that make it one of our most delicious strains. Featuring mid-range THC levels usually around 16%, this strain crosses a Brazilian Sativa (Utopia Haze) and a Himalayan Kush, and leans about 65% on its Sativa qualities, making it a terrific mood -elevator for people with chronic depression and mood swings, yet still relaxing enough for chill evenings at home. Stock up on snacks for this appetite-stimulating strain that also offers major nausea relief for patients struggling to put on weight. Although low in Cannabidiol (CBD), the Indica genetics translate to pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, so Red Dragon also works for migraines, PMS and a variety of aches and pains, as well as being a terrific bedtime medicine for insomnia.

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