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Purple God Bud


At 31% THC, this rare and kickass strain is a one-stop relaxation factory for even the most tightly wound individual.



Purple God Bud is a rare and potent 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid that’s got a chubby 31% THC, making it the perfect evening and bedtime choice for anyone tired of sleepless nights and desperate for a break from the iron grip of insomnia. Expect a slowly creeping, uplifting body high with a combination couch-lock that will let even the fastest revver finally gear all the way down.

This tropically fruity strain is a cross of God with Hawaiian and Purple Skunk, and boasts mouthwatering hints of grape and berry as it relaxes with calming notes of lavender and airway-expanding pine. With so many natural anti-anxiety and anti-depressant qualities, as well as its usefulness as a sleep aid, many users find this strain a hugely effective natural addition to their medicine cabinet that addresses a wide range of ailments which used to require multiple expensive visits to the pharmacy.

Indica Hybrid
Type Indica
Indica/Sativa ratio 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Effect uplifts and energize your body
THC 31%