Moon Rocks – Hybrid


Tried it all? You might be ready for Moon Rocks, which bring together the holy trinity: prime buds drizzled in hash oil, then rolled in kief dust. Recommended for more seasoned smokers, it will only take a few puffs to realize why this product is taking the cannabis world by storm. Order Moon Rocks online here today and have them shipped to your home anywhere in Canada.

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Not for the novice, Moon Rocks are prime nuggets of marijuana drizzled in hash oil and rolled in kief dust. For more experienced smokers, Moon Rocks, also known as “cannabis caviar,” are out-of-this-world bundles of dank joy that are quickly becoming the jewels in the crown of cannabis. Made from tight buds of prime marijuana drizzled in ink-black hash oil, then coated in a fuzzy blanket of bright green, trichome-rich kief, these definitely pack a wallop that synthesizes the best of all three medicines, delivering a long-lasting, cerebral high with full-body sedative effects, accompanied by a gently euphoric sense of well-being. The perfect after-dinner treat, these dusted nuggets are also a top recommendation for management of chronic pain, headaches and migraines, and when enjoyed before bed, even a few puffs can help ease insomnia. Handle your Moon Rocks as little as possible to preserve the delicate kief coating – skipping the grinder for a sharp knife instead – and for best results, smoke in a clean pipe or bong, then strap in for takeoff.


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