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Our Mint THC tincture is our top recommendation for cold and flu season, and features a Blueberry Indica strain coupled with the terpene-enhancing entourage effect of wintry-fresh mint. Simply squirt into to your favourite hot beverage and begin to breathe easy in no time, with the gentle benefits of cannabis minus the invasive effects of smoking or vaping.

You can easily control the dosage by using less or more. 25ml per unit

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Our mint THC tincture was designed to be most beneficial for therapeutic use in cold and flu sufferers, allowing them the gentle benefits of cannabis, minus the invasive effects of smoking or vaping. We advise starting with half an eye-dropper’s worth – waiting an hour before administering a further dose – and stirring it into a soothing hot beverage. The minty flavour of the product also acts as a terpene-enhancer that boosts the entourage effect of the tincture, bringing new benefits based on the other terpenes present, so try adding it to hot lemon.

This vegan, lower-THC content product is particularly useful for those who don’t want it to interfere with other medications, but you can easily control the dosage by using less or more.

4 reviews for Mint THC Tincture

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  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nadene Thibert

    This is great for just relaxing

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      Thank you Nadene for appreciating our products

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nadene Thibert

    Great chill out feeling

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