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Green Crack: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid


Blasting bad moods with an energetic head high, Green Crack is heavy on THC content but works quickly for anyone struggling to stay alert, harness their creativity and focus. With a sweet, tangy taste that features earthy, green notes, this intensely uplifting strain is another excellent choice for stimulating much-needed appetite in chemotherapy patients, and is ideal for regular daytime use.



As close to caffeinated as a pure cannabis strain can get, Green Crack (sometimes called “Green Cush”) is a peppy, 65/35 Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s beloved by students, creatives and anyone needing to stay engaged, happy and active, especially people with ADD/ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Higher than average THC content (up to 24%) would usually mean this might be a better choice for more experienced users, but because of its innate ability to help with focus and combat stress and anxiety, Green Crack could be a potent tool for novice users, especially at smaller doses.

Sativa Hybrid
Type Sativa
Indica/Sativa ratio 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
Effect uplifts and energize your body
THC 24%
CBD 2%