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Chronic: Balanced Hybrid


Smooth, balanced, anytime-use hybrid strain that manages to mellow everything out while still keeping you on task.  Order now and have the Chronic shipped directly to your home anywhere in Canada.



That’s Chronic smoke, not wind beneath all those high-flying wings in recording studios and creative professions around the world who practically worship this modern classic strain for its perfect balance, its gentle, woody aroma, its slight taste of spiced honey and the kick-in-the-ass motivation boost it delivers as it simultaneously relaxes. With mid-range THC levels between 14 and 20%, this strain finds its genetic roots in Northern Lights, Skunk and AK-47, and is a clean 50/50 split of Indica and Sativa, making it a sensational all-round player equipped to deftly take on the widest range of medical conditions and ailments, from depression, stress and anxiety to pain, headaches, insomnia and cramps, all while still letting you go about your day and keep a confident, clever and most importantly, a clear head.

Balanced Hybrid
Type Balanced Cannabis Strain
Indica/Sativa ratio 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Effect uplifts and energize your body
THC 14-20%