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Bubble Gum – Balanced Hybrid


Perfectly balanced hybrid that’s as versatile as a Swiss Army knife and suitable for any level of user, whether in the daytime or evening. Canadians can buy Bubble Gum online here today.



This 50/50 hybrid is a cross of Indiana Bubblegum and an unidentified indica and achieves an almost perfect balance of indica and sativa’s most beneficial effects, acting as a potent mood-elevator, but also giving relief from anxiety, stress, pain and tension. As versatile as a Swiss Army knife, this is our best multi-symptom medicine that is a favourite of both beginners and experts alike. An excellent daytime strain, it’s also just as helpful in the evenings for people looking for relief from insomnia. This strain is beloved for its effectiveness at treating chronic pain and depression, and for overcoming nausea and stimulating appetite. True to its name, the buds do smell like bubble gum, with a luscious, creamy flavour that has hints of fruit. A great choice for anyone who is new to cannabis or for anyone just looking for a tasty new fave.

Balanced Hybrid
Type Balanced Cannabis Strain
Indica/Sativa ratio 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Effect potent mood elevator