Blue Cheese: Indica Dominant Hybrid

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A mix of pungent blue cheese aroma and sweet blueberries, this strain is a happy, full-body relaxer that wins high praise for treating muscle spasms, seizures and restless leg syndrome.  Order now and have Blue Cheese shipped directly to your home anywhere in Canada.


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A potent, indica-dominant cross of Blueberry and a hybrid UK Cheese, Blue Cheese has an unmistakable cheesy aroma and mid-range THC levels testing at around 20%, with no discernable CBDs present. An 80/20 balance of indica to sativa qualifies it as a serious pain reliever with enough sativa content to still act as a mood-elevator.  Those brawny indica genetics work to help control muscle spasms, making it ideal for PMS, migraines and seizures, and a great nighttime choice for people with restless leg syndrome. Whether you’re an insomniac or just someone who needs to relax and de-stress, Blue Cheese will help you melt into the pillow, with that sativa sweetness to keep you smiling even in dreamland.

Indica Hybrid
Type Indica
Indica/Sativa ratio 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Effect full-body relaxer
THC 20%
CBD 2%


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