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Violator / Indica


Our Violator is a potent version of this hard-to-find strain. It’s impressively strong at about 25% THC, so we don’t recommend this to beginners or people strictly seeking pain relief. Violator is best for boosting energy and mental expansion, it’s ideal for overcoming creative blocks, and is almost always available. Buy it here online now and we’ll mail it directly to your home in Canada.


Violator / Indica Description

Not recommended for beginners, Violator is, however, a perfect strain for more seasoned users seeking a boost of energy who might need help breaking through creative blocks. With high THC content usually around 25%, this strongly euphoric pure Indica strain is known for mind expansion and stimulating conversation, making it ideal for close crew hangs and long and winding chats. Great for sufferers of ADD/ADHD, depression, bipolar disorder, mild anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome, our Violator Kush strain also works wonders for pain and insomnia, and has been known to leave users feeling blissed out and happily couch-locked for hours.

Indica Hybrid
Type Indica
Indica/Sativa ratio 100% Indica
Effect euphoric
THC 25%
CBD 2%