Sunday’s Disposable Distillate Pen: OG Kush


Saturday’s Disposable Distillate Pen

Strain: OG Kush Flavor: Blissful Blueberry
This west coast classic holds it’s own and is one of our personal favorites. Powerful and potent as far as Indicas go, a little goes a long way to give you that super chill and happy feel. Perfect for a night of Netflix or cuddles on the couch. Patients use this strain to treat pain, insomnia, anxiety, and nausea.

Quantity Price Discount
1 Pen $ 85.00 $ 0.00
2 Pens $ 160.00 You save $ 10.00
5 Pens $ 370.00 You save $ 55.00


Here’s a sleek, disposable distillate pen that lets you medicate powerfully and discreetly almost anywhere, even at the most intimate of gatherings. Our Disposable Distillate Pen comes pre-charged and pre-loaded with pure, potent distillate. An elegantly slim e-cig, with a mild, fruity vapour that offers maximum potency when each inhalation is held in the lungs for as long as possible before exhaling, this product packs a serious multi-symptom wallop, but has no cannabis taste or smell. Used as directed, just a few puffs of our pure, concentrated THC distillate should be enough for the average person, and these disposable pens should last between 150 to 200 puffs. View how much product is left through the convenient window on the side, so you always know well in advance when it’s time to reorder. Mess-free, pre-loaded and pre-charged, this game-changing, low-maintenance device is ready right out of the box and is an ideal gift, grown-up stocking stuffer, or well-deserved treat for yourself.

Contains .5ml(550mg.) Cannabis distillate
Day’s vapes use B.C.’s finest and locally sourced cannabis harvests to craft the cleanest, premium extracts in the market. Using Co2 extraction with our proprietary processing and formulation techniques, each Day’s vape contains .5ml of premium distillate infused with terpines from award winning strains and blended with all-natural flavors.


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