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Rockstar / Indica


This indica-dominant hybrid delivers a quick-acting buzz to both body and mind, but won’t render you incapable of signing autographs. Rockstar contains mid-range THC levels and is one of our best multi-symptom medicines combining swift pain management and uplifting mood enhancement.



Rockstar / Indica Description

Rockstar’s growing fan base coast to coast have discovered the secret to its success: a fast-acting slow groove that starts in the body and ends in a mellow, clear head high. As effective a pain-reliever as it is a stress-reliever, Rockstar achieves triple-threat status with its skill at treating insomnia. A 70/30 indica dominant hybrid, the strain’s parents are Rock Bud and Sensi Star, and it features mid-range THC levels, usually between 14 and 19%. Favoured by patients seeking relief from depression, chronic pain, inflammation and migraines, as well as muscle spasms, tremors and seizures, this strain can also stimulate appetite and lessen nausea, which make it a good recommendation for for chemotherapy patients as well.

2012 High Times Cannabis Cupper runner-up
Type Indica -hybrid
Indica/Sativa ratio 70% indica / 30% sativa
Effect mood lifting and extreme euphoric
THC 14-19%
CBD 1%