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Rice Krispy Treats 50mg


Our Rice Krispy Squares taste just like your mom used to make. One square is one dose which equals one gram. They do not have any nuts in them and are made of marshmallows and canna butter. Always wait for about 2 hours for them to take effect.

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1 pcs $ 10 $ 0.00
3 pcs $ 27 You save $ 3.00
5 pcs $ 42.50 You save $ 7.50
10 pcs $ 80. You save $ 20.00



Rice Krispy Treats 50mg Description

Rice Krispy Treats medicated with THC bring the flavour you’ve always loved in a sweet treat to a whole new medicated level. Made from naturally gluten-free, lightly toasted crisped rice cereal, marshmallows and the top quality cannabis you’ve come to expect from Mom’s finest edibles, these snacks call to mind yesterday’s favourite snack, but pack an adult punch to give you that peaceful, easy feeling and a gentle body buzz that makes them a perfect sneaky lunchtime treat, an uncomplicated way to unwind after work, or just the right indulgence before bed. Like all our edibles, these goodies should be consumed slowly and with prudence based on your own body and its reactions to medicinal marijuana, and of course at all times kept out of the hands of minors.