Red Dragon

Red Dragon: Sativa-dominant hybrid

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Sativa-dominant hybrid that uplifts and relaxes while relieving aches, pains and stimulating appetite. Order now and have Red Dragon shipped directly to your home anywhere in Canada.

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Red Dragon announces itself right away, with an exotic flourish of fruitiness and a lingering sweetness that make it one of our most delicious strains. Featuring mid-range THC levels usually around 16%, this strain crosses a Brazilian Sativa (Utopia Haze) and a Himalayan Kush, and leans about 65% on its Sativa qualities, making it a terrific mood -elevator for people with chronic depression and mood swings, yet still relaxing enough for chill evenings at home. Stock up on snacks for this appetite-stimulating strain that also offers major nausea relief for patients struggling to put on weight. Although low in Cannabidiol (CBD), the Indica genetics translate to pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, so Red Dragon also works for migraines, PMS and a variety of aches and pains, as well as being a terrific bedtime medicine for insomnia.