Like our popular gummy candies, these mini-gummies come in an assortment of mouthwatering flavours.  Each mini-gummy contains 4mg of THC, a microdose that allows users to fine-tune their medicine better than ever before. Please wait at least an hour for them to begin working before consuming more.

Keep refrigerated for best results when not using.

Quantity Price Discount
18 Gummies 5mg/each $ 20.00 $0.00
36 Gummies 5mg/each $ 35.00 You save $ 5.00
90 Gummies 5mg/each $ 120.00 You save $ 30.00


If edibles have ever felt overwhelming in the past, our new mini-gummies were designed with you in mind. New from Buddha Bro is this assortment of five juicy flavours of gummy bear, each dosed with 4mg of THC, making them perfect for long-term medicating of chronic pain, anxiety and nausea. As with all edible cannabis products, it’s always prudent to wait at least an hour before increasing the dosage, because everyone’s body will react differently, but once you’ve found the dose that works for you, the mini-gummies could be an ideal solution for anyone who’s worried that traditional edibles are too strong but who wants more control and choices in how they consume their medicine. Each container has 25 mini-gummies and can be refrigerated after opening. [Gluten-free, non-GMO]


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