Classic Lollipops

Classic Lollipops


Classic Lollipops  come in assorted flavors. They are just like the lollipops  you get at the convenience store. They are very tasty and are one serving per item. Please wait at least 2 hours for them to begin working and do not consume more than one at a time.

Keep  refrigerated for best results when not using.

Quantity Price Discount
1 pc $ 10.00 $0.00
3 pcs $ 25.00 You save $ 5.00
5 pcs $ 40.00 You save $ 10.00
10 pcs $ 75.00 You save $ 25.00
20 pcs $ 140.00 You save $ 60.00


Classic lollipops are back in stock! By popular demand, “Lollipots” are back and deliver 65mg of THC in a fun, fruity treat that is just as discreet as it is delicious. 100% organic, water-pressed hash is used, eliminating any possibility of unwanted chemicals in the extraction process, and they are also totally gluten-free. As with all edible cannabis products, you should never drive or operate machinery after consuming them, and always keep them well out of the reach of minors and children. Edibles affect everyone’s body differently, so we also encourage waiting at least a full hour before having more, lest you inadvertently overserve yourself.


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