Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

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Sweet  chocolate-covered pretzels each contain 25mg of THC and CBD, allowing you to discreetly medicate while snacking on a crunchy, salty-sweet favourite.

Quantity Price Discount
6 pretzels 25mg/each $ 20.00 $ 0.00
12 pretzels 25mg/each $ 35.00 You save $ 5.00
30 pretzels 25mg/each $ 120.00 You save $ 26.00


Everybody’s favorite salty-sweet snack gets a major upgrade when each chocolate-coated pretzel also packs the added punch of 25mg of THC. Make your next movie night extra-mellow with these crunchy treats, toss them in your lunch bag for the ultimate in discreet daytime cannabis consumption, or spoil yourself after a hard day by adding one to the top of an ice cream sundae. Decadent, delicious and dosed with both THC and CBD, these goodies will help relax your body, uplift your mind and satisfy your sweet tooth all at the same time. Each resealable bag contains a half-dozen pretzels and is considered one serving. Since edibles affect everyone’s body differently, Mom always advises waiting an hour after consuming the first one before eating more, and reminds you to never operate machinery or motor vehicles when consuming cannabis products. [Contains wheat and dairy]