Carrot Top Wax

Carrot Top Wax

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From the garden fresh flavour and bright orange hue of our Carrot Top Wax to its potent relaxation properties that will ease your stresses, pains and aches, this is one expert-level extract you’ll definitely want in your basket.

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Bright orange in colour, with a green, earthy aroma and a fresh, delicious flavour, our Carrot Top Wax is a tasty, potent trip to the garden that will most definitely grow on you. Whether it’s a vaporizer or dab rig you prefer to use, this fragrant, fluffy concentrate produces a gentle, full-body high and a creeping couch-lock sensation that promises all the relaxation that aching bodies require after a long day, making it a perfect way to unwind at the end of an evening. Made from top quality cannabis and packaged in easily recyclable glass jars, the ultra-high potency means this extract may be better suited to connoisseurs and expert-level users than beginners.

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