Apothecary Nano Hemp Pain Roll-On Gel
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Apothecary Nano Hemp Pain Roll-On Gel


✓ 3 options:
-10ml Pain Roll-On
-88ml Pain Roll-On
-88ml Reset Pain Roll-On (Sports Recovery Back & Muscle)
✓ Nano Hemp (NO THC)
✓ Fast-acting topical
✓ Smooth and great smelling
✓ Long-lasting relief for pain


  • 10ml Pain Roll-On
  • 88ml Pain Roll-On
  • 88ml Reset Pain Roll-On
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Holistic remedies created and developed with only the purest ingredients by Apothecary Labs

Natural Hemp Based Body Care Products

Directions: Apply 3 to 4 times daily directly to the sore area. Keep out of wounds, irritated skin issues and eyes. FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY.

Made with Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed Oil) NO THC

This revolutionary product is the first of its kind in Canada made with Nano Hemp.

What is Hemp NanoEmulsion you ask?
All nutrients that we consume including cannabinoids, have a “bioavailability” factor that is often quite low. Hemp oil is one of those molecules that the human body has a hard time fully absorbing. Without getting too technical, it has to do with our body being predominantly water based and cannabinoids being fat-based. This means that by nano emulsifying the hemp molecule, we are essentially coating it in fat so that our cells absorb it more readily.

Higher bioavailability of Nano hemp reveals a lot of hidden potential of the cannabinoid. This means that you can get the same benefits but with far less product.

Our New Nano Pain Gel is fast acting and will penetrate the skin and reduce inflammation, discomfort and swelling within minutes.

Apothecary Labs was created when like minded individuals came together with the same passion for finding healthy alternatives to pharmaceuticals. All natural products are specifically formulated, well researched, and market and lab tested for patients who want a natural alternative with an easy to follow dosage schedule.

Gel Sizes

10ml Pain Roll-On, 88ml Pain Roll-On, 88ml Reset Pain Roll-On

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