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Anonymous Content Co. *BULK* 20mg THC CannaCaps


Anonymous Content Co. new 20mg THC CannaCaps boast their highest available dose, discreetly providing the most potent plant-based medicine to those in search of more substantive relief.

  • Bulk Bag of 10
  • Bulk Bag of 30

Anonymous Content Co. 20mg THC CannaCaps are a smart new addition to any wellness-minded adult’s medicine cabinet. These are capsules made with the best organic CO2 extracted cannabis oil combined with a top quality MCT oil, the latter known for acting as a strong anti-inflammatory all on its own.

This easy-to-use product contains 20mg of THC per capsule, delivering multi-symptom relief for patients dealing with a wide variety of conditions, particularly anyone needing to keep going despite chronic pain, depression or anxiety. With potent analgesic properties that also deal with neuropathic pain, this heavy-hitting product is well-suited to experienced users looking to benefit from not just serious pain relief, but also the mood-elevating aspects of cannabis.

In addition, these 20mg THC CannaCaps are all natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and were never tested on animals. Depending on your physiology and your body’s response to medication, CannaCaps can take between 1 and 2 hours to be fully absorbed by the liver, and as such, it’s strongly advised to wait at least that long before considering increasing one’s dosage. Even though this product has a child-proof cap, it should still be kept away from minors.


Bulk Bag of 10, Bulk Bag of 30

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