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Tangie (Sativa Dominant)


This popular sativa is ideal for daytime usage

Compassion Concentrates Premium Gold Shatter


Compassion Concentrates Premium Gold Shatter is a longstanding high-quality extract manufacturer based in BC, devoted to the art and craft of pure extraction using only the best BC bud. Compassion Concentrates uses a closed-loop system with a 100-hour purge time for maximum concentrate quality. Compassion Concentrates extracts are tested at 77%-80% THC and are now … Continue reading Compassion Concentrates Premium Gold Shatter

Blue Dream (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)


It may express a more indica-like look and feel, but the sativa-leaning variety remains most prevalent

Viridesco Sea Warp Honey Oil


Viridesco’s Sea Warp Honey Oil is a 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid extract that gives both energy and pain relief for a perfectly balanced anytime dose in a patented syringe that’s easy for anyone to use.

This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 81.50% Cannabinoids! This includes 78.5% THC!

Cannabinoid Facts:
Rank Cannabinols %Value
1 Delta-9 THC 78.50
2 CannaBiChromene 1.40
3 CannaBiGenol 0.94
4 CannaBiNol 0.28
5 CannaBiDiol 0.18

Girl Scout Cookies (Indica Dominant Hybrid)


Evening-use Indica-dominant hybrid that uplifts and stimulates creativity while relieving aches, pains and spasms. Order now and have Girl Scout Cookies shipped directly to your home anywhere in Canada.