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Anonymous Content Co. *BULK* 20mg THC CannaCaps


Anonymous Content Co. new 20mg THC CannaCaps boast their highest available dose, discreetly providing the most potent plant-based medicine to those in search of more substantive relief.

Anonymous Content Co. 10mg THC CannaCaps


Anonymous Content Co. new 10mg THC CannaCaps offer a quick, easy and incredibly discreet way to treat depression, anxiety and all sorts of other chronic conditions.

Anonymous Content Co. *BULK* 10:10 THC/CBD CannaCaps


Anonymous Content Co. new 10:10 THC/CBD (10mg/10mg) CannaCaps balance the best of both parts of the cannabis plant to give you a more potent dose of multi-symptom medicine that won’t get in your way.

Anonymous Content Co. 5:5 THC/CBD CannaCaps


Anonymous Content Co. new 5:5 THC/CBD (5mg/5mg) CannaCaps strike just the right balance for anyone looking for a simple way to lightly medicate for a busy day.

Anonymous Content Co. *BULK* 20:1 CBD/THC CannaCaps


Anonymous Content Co. new 20:1 CBD/THC (20mg/1mg) CannaCaps offer their highest available dose of Cannabidiol, for non-psychoactive symptom relief that’s safe and simple enough for both novice and experienced users.

Hemp Terpene Infused Body Soap

$10.00 $12.00

Hemp terpene infused 100g body soap

✓ Hand crafted, artisanal soap
✓ 100% all natural
✓ Effective relief from all forms of skin inflammation and neuropathic pain
✓ Helps in reducing stress

Hemp Terpene Infused Lip Balm

$4.00 $5.25

4.5mL stick Hemp terpene infused Lip Balm
Get them all in Natural (non-flavoured), Spearmint, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Carrot Cake flavours

✓ 100% all natural lip balm.
✓ Helps to soothe and heal dry, chapped lips.
✓ Uses calendula and kukui oil to rejuvenate alongside hemp.

Hemp Terpenes Shaving Soap

$13.00 $15.00

50 mg of hemp terpenes per 3.2 oz tin
Goats milk – Peppermint Mojito, Vanilla Bean, and Caribbean Rum
Glycerin -Harvey Wallbanger and Cosmopolitan

✓ 100% all natural
✓ Amazing healing properties for your skin
✓ Great for men and women
✓ Works great with a shaving brush as well as without


$5.00 $6.00

Hemp Terpene Infused Bar Soap (70g)

✓ 100% all natural
✓ Gently cleans your tattoos and helps them heal
✓ Made with soft, mild goat’s milk and hemp oil
✓ Gentle, PH balanced formula
✓ Natural antimicrobial and antibacterial protection


Tattoo EVER INK.

$14.00 $16.00

Hemp Terpene Infused Stick 10mL – For use as after care, and long term care of tattoos

✓ 100% all natural
✓ Protects and rejuvenates old tattoos
✓ Made with hemp oil, along with other natural oils and butters
✓ Provides natural sun protection