If you want to experience the healing powers of cannabis right away and smoking or vaping is not your thing then try using marijuana tinctures. A tincture is also known as golden dragon or green dragon. These are alcohol-based cannabis extracts that are more like infused alcohol.
Before cannabis was vaped or smoked as medicine, tinctures were the most common form of cannabis medicine in the United States before the prohibition. And don’t let the name green dragon fool you because tinctures may be potent but are also soothing and very mild. The effects of tinctures depend on the strain’s potency and its cannabinoid compound content.

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Canna Co Olive Oil THC Tinctures 900mg 30ml

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Canna Co Medibles Olive Oil THC Tinctures 900mg 30ml Comes in Sativa, Indica or Hybrid One full dropper (1ml) = 30mg THC Directions: We recommend 10-15mg to start. Use a half dropper under the tongue and let sit for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

Baked Edibles Honey Tincture Organic THC

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Organic Honey Tincture: This delicious tincture has 100mg of THC within; perfect for a spread on your toast in the morning, a drizzle on your ice cream, or a sweetener for your tea! Besides the incredible health benefits, our THC honey will be a staple for any cannabis lover’s cupboard. 5mg THC per teaspoon for … Continue reading Baked Edibles Honey Tincture Organic THC

Why Taking Tinctures Is The Best?

For most people who use medical cannabis, tinctures are the best mode of intake. Tinctures are usually placed under the tongue where large networks of blood vessels are located. When the medication is placed under the tongue, the components of the tincture are readily absorbed into the bloodstream. You will be able to experience recreational or therapeutic effects quicker.

Another thing about tinctures is that this may be added to different kinds of food and beverages. You can place tinctures in juices, ice creams, sherbets, gelatin, soups, salad dressing, and mashed potatoes and gravy.

And if you need immediate relief or you just can't handle smoking or vaping CBD or THC then a tincture is the best alternative. Seniors, children, and people who are very sick can benefit so much from taking tinctures.

Can You Take Tinctures Anytime?

Tinctures should be taken under the supervision of your doctor or a marijuana-friendly medical professional. Doctors will give you a prescription for the right kind of tincture to use. Just like any prescription for any medication, he will place the dose and the duration of your treatment.

Tinctures used for medical ailments and diseases may need prolonged or extended treatments and thus you need to take the tincture for many weeks or months. Tinctures are often taken without food so the effects are more potent and therefore you’ll feel the relief immediately.

If you want to take marijuana tinctures for any medical condition, consult your doctor. There are over the counter marijuana tinctures but you must find a reliable dispensary or shop to buy from. Do not use homemade tinctures because the quality and effectiveness may be questionable. Trust only tinctures from top suppliers with good ratings or reviews.

What Are CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are made from potent CBD –rich buds. CBD is the therapeutic component of cannabis and any strain with a high CBD content is considered medicinal. CBD tinctures are used for the faster relief of medical and mental conditions including pain, nausea, and vomiting, headaches, anxiety, stress, and depression.

And CBD tinctures may also have side effects as well. Users may experience dry mouth, dry eyes, headaches, and restlessness. People new to taking cannabis may find CBD tinctures more powerful than other cannabis products. So take CBD tinctures moderately to avoid these side effects and to get instant relief from your ailments.