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What Are Marijuana Liquid Sprays?

Liquid sprays are a kind of concentrate or a dietary supplement that comes in liquid form. This is a potent liquid with high cannabidiol content. These are created by processing CBD-rich hemp buds in alcohol and then heating it at low heat for many hours. Once the liquid is ready, this is mixed with a carrier oil like peppermint or orange oil to improve its taste. When taken on its own, CBD liquids taste very bitter.

The final product should be very potent, high CBD content, and should not have more than 0.3% THC. As you shop for CBD tinctures, remember that the composition of different products varies. A tincture with very high amounts of CBD will not have any psychoactive effects and thus won't make you high.

How Do You Use Marijuana Liquid Sprays?

Liquid sprays may be applied to an affected body part. For instance, you want to use a cannabis liquid spray to relieve muscle pain; just spray it on the affected muscle (the calves, legs, back, shoulders, or neck) and massage it like applying natural oils. The skin on the affected area should be clean and free from any oils or creams like moisturizing lotions, mineral oils, etc. Do not apply liquid sprays on damaged, injured, or open skin because this can irritate.

For a liquid spray tincture, this product is ideally sprayed under the tongue. Just position the nozzle of the spray bottle and apply the liquid under the tongue. There is a rich network of blood vessels under the tongue that immediately absorbs the liquid, and hence, you’ll be able to feel the effects of the tincture in an instant. You don’t need to fast before taking a tincture, but don’t eat or drink anything at least 30 minutes to an hour after application.

How Do You Keep Your Cannabis Liquid Spray

Most liquid sprays and tinctures are kept in small amber-colored bottles. This is to protect the liquid’s potent effects from degrading due to exposure to the sun and air. Do not remove the liquid inside the amber-colored glass bottle. Keep it in a cold and dark place like inside your refrigerator. This can preserve the therapeutic properties of tinctures and liquid sprays longer. Be sure to consume the liquid before the expiry date.