Feminized Seeds

Probably the biggest breakthrough in cannabis seeds is the discovery of feminized marijuana seeds. These are seeds that will grow into female plants so there’s no need to worry about male plants. It’s a fact that cannabis growers only want female plants. These plants are the sources of the delicious buds we know and desire.
The latest feminized marijuana seeds are carefully cultivated inside indoor growing areas using the latest equipment and technologies. And the latest and the most delicious feminized cannabis strains are available here on our site. All our seeds are covered by our high standard germination rate as long as you follow our germination steps found in our FAQs.

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Master Kush Feminized

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Master Kush has its origins in South Amsterdam and called many names by weed lovers foremost of which is “High Rise” because of its strong hit that can induce a couchlock with a distinct overall head and body buzz. Its numbing effect is perfect for medical marijuana patients with appetite and pain problems.

It is one of the strains excellent for indoor growing and also has very good results when introduced to greenhouse growing. Reaching only to a medium height, this compact and dense marijuana plant is easy to manage and has not many demanding requirements to flourish.

This weed plant does not emit a strong odor and has more of the natural earthy scent with hints of spice, citrus and pine. Expect to see ball-shaped buds with orange hairs teeming with healthy dose of sticky resin during its flowering period.


What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds can be male or female. There is no way to tell if you have male or female seeds in a bag; you need to wait till these plants are flowering before you can tell which ones are male and which ones are female. By then, you’ve wasted time, money and resources to grow male plants that you don’t need.

When you use feminized cannabis seeds, you can confidently grow your plants till flowering time. There’s no need to deal with pesky male plants which can accidentally pollinate your female plants. You’ll save money on resources that your male plants consumed.

Feminized seeds will grow delicious buds. You can cultivate your plants to grow larger and more potent buds using supplements, and various techniques. Also, feminized seeds are one of the costliest seeds in most seed banks.

How To Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

And because it's very expensive to buy feminized cannabis seeds, you may venture into growing your batch of seeds. Growing your feminized seeds will make sure that you have a steady supply of seeds to use and who knows, you can even sell seeds to customers.

Making feminized seeds starts with using a healthy cannabis female plant that is ready to flower. Use silver solution to stimulate the development of male parts on the female plant. When the male parts have matured, these will open and feminized pollen will come out. When feminized pollen is applied to female flowers the flowers will produce feminized cannabis seeds. You may harvest seeds after a few days.

How To Germinate Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Germinating feminized cannabis seeds is similar to sprouting regular seeds. There are several ways to germinate seeds. You can use the damp paper towel method where seeds are placed in between two damp paper towels. The seeds will germinate after five days, more or less.

Another way is to germinate inside peat cubes. The cubes are soaked in water overnight and each cube accommodates one seed. Cannabis seeds germinated this way will sprout in just three to five days. You’ll know that the seeds have sprouted when the roots are visible from the cube and small leaves have sprouted on top.

Most seed banks provide germination steps and techniques to customers to ensure that the seeds that they purchased will sprout.