Aside from growing cannabis plants from seeds, you can cultivate plants using clones. Clones are cuttings from adult plants. When properly cared for, cuttings will develop roots and will become stronger to grow to healthy, productive plants.
We have a wide variety of cannabis clones for you. Our clones and cuttings are harvested from healthy and well-cared for adult plants which means these will grow just like their parents. It’s not too hard to care for clones and in fact, many successful growers use clones and rely on cuttings in growing most of their crops.

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White Widow


White Widow is one of the most famous and sought-after cannabis strains. The bright green leaves and snowy-covered hairs with its abundant frosty resin develop and swell into massive flowers.

Blue Dream


Known for its popularity and widespread availability, Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that exudes sweet berry fragrance and tall, high-yielding plants.

Gorilla Glue


Gorilla Glue boasts big, robust plants lavishly coated in large, swollen buds and resins. Its strong, stimulating aroma enhances the glamour of this strain’s dried flowers.

Bruce Banner


Stimulate your creativity and your senses with Bruce Banner. This earthy, sativa-domina hybrid is ideal to share with friend.

Why Grow Marijuana from Seedlings or Clones?

You might be wondering if seedlings or clones are better. Seedlings are better than clones in many ways. Since these baby plants are from seeds, these have taproots and well-developed roots which are important in anchoring the plant better. The taproot enhances water and nutrient absorption from the roots which are necessary to grow healthy and productive plants.

Meanwhile, clones don’t possess a taproot and hence may not be as strong as seedlings. Clones need to develop a good root system to absorb more nutrients and for better anchoring in the soil or their growing medium.

What Are Clones And Why Is It Better Than Seeds?

Clones are cuttings from adult plants and despite seedlings having taproots, clones excel in other ways. Clones will grow to a strong and healthy young plant when given the best care and attention. Because you don’t need to start from a seed, you’re shaving at least two to three weeks from the growing phase. Just think about the time, money and energy you saved from using clones instead of seeds.

Clones are also better because these are exact copies of their healthy parent and therefore, will grow to healthy plants with proper care. So, when harvesting clones, select healthy female plants to harvest cuttings from. To select a healthy female, it is a plant that grows new leaves and stems and is free from molds and pests. Healthy female plants fit for harvesting cuttings are drinking well and are free from nutrient imbalances as well.

How To Grow Clones And Seedlings

Growing clones and seedlings are just growing regular cannabis plants except that you will skip the tedious germination phase. To grow clones use cloning gels or cloning powders right after harvesting from the parent plant. Place each clone in a peat cube and keep this cube damp for the roots to develop. It can take a few days to a few weeks for the roots to develop and by then the clone plant has grown and is now ready to be transplanted to its pot.

Meanwhile, seedlings require proper care using peat cubes as well. Just like growing clones, place one seedling per cube and make sure that these stay damp. It will take a few days for the seedling to take root and to grow larger and healthier plants. By this time, the seedlings are ready to be transferred to individual pots or larger growing containers.