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How Is CBD Oil Made?

Just like any natural oil, CBD oils are extracted from the marijuana buds and other plant parts. After the buds and the plant parts are dried, these are subjected to a process that extracts pure oil from the dried plant.

Some extractors use gases like butane or propane to remove THC from the dried plant. The plant is ground and packed in a column, and butane is pumped to one end of the column, and as it flows through the chamber, pure CBD oil drains from the other end.  This is a dangerous process because butane or propane can burn and explode and thus, extractions should be left to experts! Another way is to use carbon dioxide which is natural gas. This is safer and yields high-quality extracts.

How Do You Use CBD Oils?

CBD oils have different uses. You can vape this oil using a vaporizer, or you can add CBD oils to different kinds of food and different products. For instance, you’ll find CBD candies and gummies laced with potent CBD oil. You will also find CBD oils added to pastries, cakes, chocolates, tarts, and cookies and of course, the ever-popular space cake. CBD oils may also be added to drinks and to warm beverages.

Can Anyone Use CBD Oils?

The CBD oils we sell are safe, and anyone can use it to relieve their medical condition. But be very careful when adding CBD oils to edibles or food. Because cannabis edibles are irresistible, you need to control your urge not to eat more than what you need. If you only need a small chocolate bar portion of a CBD-infused chocolate bar, it’s hard to resist eating the whole bar!

Also, it can take time for an edible to take effect. Sometimes, you may need to wait up to 45 minutes before a small brownie takes effect. So if you’re impatient and you eat more thinking that the first one was a dud, then you’ll end up with an unwanted high. Also, keep your edibles well hidden. You don’t want a child or your pets eating them, thinking that these are regular food.