Mail Order Marijuana In Ottawa

Mail Order Marijuana In Ottawa

As you visit our website, you will see the wide array of choices of weed products we are offering you and other Ottawa residents. The real marijuana products for sale we are displaying online are the same as what your local medical marijuana dispensaries have but the difference is that you do not have to leave your home if you purchase from us because you can complete your order online.

Ottawa residents can now have the full access of real marijuana products without leaving your home. This is made possible through our mail order marijuana store where residents of Ottawa can make their order online. For utmost convenience, we can deliver your order right to your home, office or any address in Ottawa that you will specify in the online electronic form or printable order form.

Our company which is named as M.O.M. Canada is located in British Columbia where the finest weed buds are grown by the best growers for recreational and medical purposes. Our company is working not just with professional growers but also with the best chefs so we can bring people residing in Ottawa with high quality real marijuana products- tinctures, extracts, buds, hash and tasty edible foods that will keep you coming back for more once tasted.

Our mail order marijuana store is giving discounts to those with proven medical condition and to medical marijuana card holders. Aside from that, our company will do a free shipping on all orders more than $200.

To make sure and to maintain safety of the delivery of your weed order, we are not doing single shipping of larger orders and more than what is listed in our product page. However, multiple orders can be made in our website up to the maximum amount listed in our product page. Buy real marijuana products for sale from us and take part in the efforts of legalizing the use and consumption of weed in Canada.

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  1. I suffer from RLS (

    Hi, I suffer from RLS, (Restless Leg Syndrome), tho I’ve not yet spoken to my Dr. about MM, I wondered if you knew of any cases such as mine and does it have any positive effect. I presently take 100 MG of Clonazapam and 100 MG of Myrapex per day to relieve the pain. I’d love to find an alternative to drugs, if such exists.

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