Nuken for that Fantastic Functional High

Nuken for that Fantastic Functional High

When you hear the word Nuken, what do you immediately thinkabout? Most would doubt that this strain is too strong while some may thinkthat it has an overpowering high. But actually, it’s quite the opposite. Nukenwill come out strong but it will keep you relaxed, stress-free and creative.Nuken is the result of the union of two fantastic indicas Shiskaberry and a Gold Bud. With these two potent parents,you can get very powerful buds with quicker flowering times and higher yields.

What is Nuken Strain?

The Nuken is an indica cannabis strain that has rocked the world with its potent, even-keeled effects. Made in Canada, this strain has combined the powerful genetics of a Shiskaberry and a God Bud making it one of the most potent buds around.

Nuken is undeniably strong but will leave you with a functional high. You will still be able to enjoy hobbies and work on tasks. It is the strain that you will obviously want to use with the company of friends. It will make you happy, euphoric, to the point of giggling.

To the grower, a Nuken will be a fantastic strain to grow. It grows quickly too at just 9 weeks flowering time. It will give you a large yield as long as you provide this with the right growing environment. It’s rounded, dense and lovely buds are a sight to behold making it the next star of your growing area.

Effects of Nuken

Nuken has taken from its powerful parents Shiskaberry and God Bud its potent effects. The very first thing that you will notice is its undeniable, sweet and fresh aroma which you will experience even on the first exhale. This smell is the perfect combination for its undeniable strong high which will make you feel completely relaxed and at the same time euphoric.

In short, you will be riding a functional high with Nuken. You will feel relaxed and at the same time uplifted. You will feel as if you are on fire with this strain as you take up one project at a time. You will also feel extra-creative making this a good strain to crank you up in the morning.

As the effects of Nuken start to subside, you will soon feel quite sleepy. The relaxing feeling can be too overwhelming but before you give in to that strong relaxing feeling, you will feel the need to satisfy your hunger. So to help you cope with this overpowering feeling, you should stock up on snacks and drinks even before you start taking this strain.

Aside from its natural and medicinal effects, Nuken also comes with a few negative effects. You need to understand these negative effects as you use this strain for recreational or medicinal use.

Nuken causes dry mouth and dry eyes which is due to its high THC levels. This strain comes with 25% THC, one of the highest levels in recreational and medicinal cannabis. THC in moderate to high amounts can cause an increase in blood supply in the entire body. This can cause dryness, redness, and heat especially on the eyes and on the mouth.

You can also feel dizzy and anxious plus slightly paranoid. This is common especially if you have just taken this strain for the first time. You may also experience dizziness and anxiety if you take a large dose of Nuken.

To reduce these effects, you must take this in moderation. You may also reduce the effects of Nuken by taking this on a regular basis. This will make you develop tolerance to this strain’s strong effects and side effects.

Medical effects of Nuken

Nuken can be used as a medical strain. It can get rid of stress and depression with its good mood-elevating properties. You can use this as a natural way to relieve stress, remove negative emotions and uplift your mood. This is definitely better than taking synthetic medications which can do more harm than good.

This strain comes with 25% THC which makes it a fantastic strain for pain. You can take advantage of its natural analgesic effects. It can be used to deal with headaches, migraines, muscle pains, muscle train, and chronic pain. You can use this strain to help naturally remove pain without relying on synthetic medication for pain.

Nuken can also be used to deal with insomnia. You don’t need to take tranquilizers or sleeping pills to relax you and help you make you sleep when you take Nuken. And possibly another good medical effect of Nuken is its anti-inflammatory effects. This can be used to deal with migraines and arthritis so you can live pain-free day after day.

Characteristics of Nuken Weed Strain

  • Smell – pungent, earthy and diesel
  • Taste – earthy and diesel
  • Effects – contemplative high
  • Flowering Time – 9 weeks
  • Growing – easy
  • Height – moderate
  • THC – 25%
  • CBD – —
  • Lineage – Shiskaberry and God Bud

How to grow Nuken?

Nuken can grow big and dense buds. These furry buds can develop a light color but no doubt is loaded with delicious resin. This strain grows indoors, outdoors or inside greenhouses. But to be able to completely monitor the health and the development of your young plants, it’s best to grow these indoors during the first few weeks of their lives.

Creating the ideal growing environment is necessary. This strain likes warm environments so make sure to provide good lighting using the ideal growing lights. Use LED lamps as much as possible because this type of light can provide strong and efficient coverage without wrecking your budget.LED lamps can be expensive at first but these will pay off later.

Feeding your Lovely Plants

When feeding your Nuken plants, start when these are just at their vegetative stage. During the seedling phase, your plants don’t really need to be fed nutrients and fertilizer because they get their nutrients from their growth mediums (pellet cubes, growth cubes or soil). By the time your plants are already vegging out, this is the time to provide fertilizer rich in nitrogen. This element is needed by your plants to grow healthier leaves and stems plus stronger and healthier roots.

As your plants enter the flowering stage, these don’t need nitrogen anymore because these will cease to grow and use up all its energy to create buds. It now needs potassium and phosphorous which are needed to create larger, denser and healthier buds.

Check for any signs of nutrient deficiency or toxicity. This is seen from the plant’s leaves and stems. Usually, there are changes in the leaves’ color and texture. If this happens, stop giving nutrients and flush your system with clean, distilled water for a few days.

Watering your Plants

Your plants need watering at least every day but only when the soil is high and dry. Do not water when the soil is moist or wet because this can lead to root rot, mildew or mold growth inside the buds. Mold can only destroy all your hard work.

Training Early is Best

Training your plants will help control the growth of your plants and maximize its yields. Using the SCROG or screen of the green method on this indica strain can help light dissipate on top of the canopy and to improve air and light distribution at the bottom of the canopy.

You must trim any large fan leaves at the bottom. Trimming can help stimulate better growth and improve light and air circulation inside a growing area.

Nuken Strain Review

There are many users that claim Nuken has satisfying effects. It has great overall relaxation effects which made it effective for the relief of anxiety, stress, and depression. Many loved this strain’s potent analgesic effects and this is why Nuken is recommended for headaches, muscle pains, and migraines. Compared to other strains, Nuken comes with 25% THCwhich means that its medical effects are often accompanied by psychoactiveeffects

When it comes to growing Nuken, it is a strain that will grow fast and will give you good yields. According to growers, this can only be possible if you treat this strain right. It is an easy strain to work with but not taking note of what it needs, can lead to failure.

People who have consumed this strain also agree that it is just the right kind of high that they were looking for but does not recommend it for first time users. They claim that the effects of this strain are too strong; many even say that this strain may be hard to tolerate. But most that have used it say it takes moderation. This is the only way to understand completely what this strain is especially what its effects are.

Finally, people who have used this for its medicinal effects swear that it is quite potent and may take time to get used to. If you think that you need this strain to treat any medical condition, consult your doctor beforehand.

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