Lamb’s Bread Strain: Jamaican Sativa Weed That Bob Marley Smoked

Lamb's Bread Strain: Jamaican Sativa Weed That Bob Marley Smoked

Whether you choose to call this strain Lamb’sBread, Lambsbread, or Lamb’s Breath, there is no denying the popularity andpotency of this Jamaican cannabis strain. Said to be one of the favorites ofRastafarian and musical legend Bob Marley himself, Lamb’s Bread strain isconsidered to be one of the best sativa landrace strains in the world.  This sativa dominant strain is perfect to usein the mornings and also throughout the day since it gives you the energy,focus, and motivation that you need to get things done. Although this straindoesn’t have the sedative properties indica weed strains have, it is known tohelp with certain medical conditions like PTSD and attention deficit disorders.

Lamb’s Bread weed is a Jamaican sativa landrace that is as pure as a sativa can be. It has uplifting effects that make them popular in the medical marijuana community for its ability to help ease mental disorders like depression. It has dense and chunky light green buds that are scattered with bright red hairs and are covered with sandy crystal trichomes. This strain is considered as cannabis royalty with its effects that stimulate and uplift even the gloomiest person. Lamb’s Bread can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors but are best handled by those with more experience in breeding.

History of Lamb’s Bread Cannabis Strain

Lamb’s Bread cannabis is a landrace sativa strain that comes from Jamaica. Like all landrace, they are the original cannabis plants that are indigenous to the country. This means that it is not a mix of any other strain there is out there. No one really knows how or why Lamb’s Bread got its name, but it is common knowledge that it is a favorite of the legendary musician Bob Marley.

Characteristicsof Lamb’s Bread Weed Strain

  • Smell.

The overwhelming aroma that you will get from Lamb’s Bread is cheese. This will hit you on the nose once you break apart each nug coupled with hints of freshly mown grass.

  • Taste.

The flavors of this cannabis strain are quite like its fragrance. You will get that delicious hash taste in your mouth but this will be mixed with skunky cheese flavors.

  • Effects.

The high that you get from Lamb’s Bread marijuana will hit you quick and last for hours. Being a sativa strain, it has more of a cerebral high than a body buzz making it perfect to wake and bakewith. Once the high sets in, you will feel an overwhelming sense of euphoriaand inspiration that can get anyone motivated into doing creative things. Italso brings with it a body energizing buzz that takes away any sluggishness youmay be feeling and helping you feel more active. It has THC levels that reach24% at its highest so those who are not used to that potency should be careful.Not watching your dosage may lead one to feel some paranoia or anxiety.

  • Flowering Time.

Unlike other cannabis sativa plants, Lamb’sBread strain can take as little as 8 weeks for it to mature when growing indoors. For outdoor breeders, early October is the best time for these plants to flower provided that you give them the right environment.

  • Growing.

Growing a landrace strain like Lamb’s Bread requires a bit more attention and care than other hybrids out there. However, they are very hardy plants that can stand not so favorable conditions and are highly resistant to common molds and mildew. These cannabis plants are also quite short making it a great choice for those who wish to breed them indoors.

  • Medical Benefits.

Lamb’s Bread strain has a CBD level of up to2% making its list of medical benefits a pretty long one. This medical marijuana is known to help those who suffer from chronic fatigue and migraines allowing them to get more energized and feel better as they go about their day. This strain is mostly recommended in the medical marijuana communities to help in the treatment of mood disorders. Its uplifting and boosting properties make it a great natural remedy for patients who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. Some say that Lamb’s Bread can also help with problems with digestion and appetite loss.

 How to Grow Lamb’s Bread Marijuana Strain?

Lamb’s Bread is a marijuana strain that ismore recommended to be cultivated by intermediate breeders. This is because itneeds more attention than other hybrids out there. This weed can flourish bothin indoor and outdoor settings but the best growing medium for them is soil.They are pretty short plants for sativa strains but they will need some trainingto ensure maximum yield potential. Low-stress training is one of the methodsthat is most recommended to apply to these plants. You can even treat them asyou would autoflowering cannabis plants since they have common growingcharacteristics. It is important to note that you flush these plants out a weekor so before harvest to keep the quality of the buds as pure as possible.

Lamb’s Bread Strain Review

Reggae lover ~ This weed is my ultimate favorite. I smoke a lot and docultivate it as it is super easy to take care of. I got one of these growinginside my cabinet with nice lighting and ventilation. It’s chill and relaxed,and yeah, strong Jamaican pot.

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