Bubble Gum Strain: Flavor Burst Of Weed

Bubble Gum Strain: Flavor Burst Of Weed

The all-Americanfavorite flavor of bubblegum is naturally found in the Bubble Gum strain.You’ll adore this unique weed flavor is sought-after as it also that dreamyhigh that can get you to transport into your younger, carefree days with abubble gum machine because of the euphoric haze. It can bring about morezen-like days because of the calming effect. Bubble Gum also is known as asocial strain as it makes one unleash the creative genius, makes one feelhappier, and has the chill feel that encompasses both the mind and body. Thispotent IBL provides a balanced effect of indica and sativa. It is a great potfor use for both recreational and medical purposes, be it daytime or nighttime. This incredible weed strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cups 13 timesand many other awards. The Bubble Gum cannabis strain went through a great evolution from the time it wasoriginally bred in Indiana in the United States to become one of the mostpopular marijuana strains in the world because of the flavor.

What is Bubble Gum Strain?

A true IBL, these genetically-bred seeds will produce uniform growth so that these marijuana plants look like each other. That and the consistency of the potent buds that it produces makes it an ideal marijuana crop to cultivate. It took several generations to achieve this balance IBL that has the perfect combination of sativa and indica. It was done by inbreeding the Indiana Bubblegum pot for the best to be produced and cultivated. With a moderate to high THC level, it has the desirable traits for that strong stoned effects. Bubble Gum cannabis plant is medium growing from 32 up to 80 inches in height with a below average amount of branches. High-yielding, it will take around 8 to 9 weeks to flower. The crystalline loaded green buds are compact and have random burnt orange hairs.This sativa looking plant is sturdy and strong. The THC levels of Bubble Gumcannabis strain are moderate at 13 percent up to 19%.

History of Bubble Gum Cannabis Strain

This weed strain has a history trail from the United States to the Netherlands. The original weedstrain was called Bubblegum was developed by cannabis growers in Indiana. Theseeds were brought to the Netherlands to be genetically bred by 2 seedcompanies who created their own Bubble Gum marijuana plant from the originalIndiana seeds. One of the companies is Serious Seeds that made this Bubble Gumseeds by inbreeding the plant. This strain is the only inbred pot seeds of theSerious Seeds company. Bubble Gum strain has won a total of 13 cannabis cupawards and has won five national and local cannabis cups in Spain. Thismarijuana is the ‘Plant of the Year’ 2006 of Soft Secrets magazine. This weedstrain has also won third place in the sativa category of the 2016 ExpogrowCup. Bubble Gum seeds are available for sale in Canada as regular and asfeminized seeds.

Characteristics of Bubble Gum Weed Strain


This marijuana plant has adistinct sweetness in the aromas it emits. It has the cloying scent ofbubblegum with a hint of berries and fruits. There is also a lovely floralscent.


The unique flavor was enhanced by genetic inbreeding methods done for generations to taste just like bubble gum. There is the additional flavor of deep earth and that of tropical fruits.


Taking this Bubble Gumweed has a balance of sativa and indica effects. It will provide a calming, euphoric high. It is an uplifting and elevates the mood. It taps the creativity and is inspirational. It also aids in making one feel happier and more confident. It does make a person feel more sociable and has that chill mode for relaxation. It also can trigger a laugh trip.

Flowering Time

The indoor flowering time will take 56 to 63 days.Outdoors, it will take around 8 to 9 weeks with harvest time in mid-October.


Amoderately easy plant to grow, it requires marijuana plant care such as pruningand other techniques for it to reach its maximum potential. It can survive evenwithout the techniques but requires for the light cycles to be changed for itto flower. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, and in a greenhouse environment.

Medical Use

This medical marijuana is a highly effective painreliever and can be used by those who have chronic pain and other body aches.It is used also to provide pain relief for musculoskeletal pain such as that inthe back and the neck. It is a treatment for neuropathic pain and forfibromyalgia. It is also very effective in providing pain relief and lowers theinflammation for those who have arthritis. It gets rid of nausea like thatwhich is experienced by cancer patients and is used as an appetite stimulant.Bubble Gum strain is a highly effective stress reliever and works as a moodelevator. It is used as an effective treatment to get rid of depression. Itworks to reduce anxiety and can stop a panic attack. It is used as a treatmentfor those who have attention-deficit disorders such as ADHD and ADD.

How to Grow Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain?

Bubble Gum IBL, indica/sativa seeds are sold as either regular or feminized. It prefers dry and partial sun to full sun environmental conditions. Relatively moderately easy to grow, the common marijuana plant care techniques are needed. These techniques include pruning, trimming, temperature control, humidity control, and air quality control. A photo-periodic weed strain, changing light cycles are required when grown indoors so that this marijuana plant will flower. Though it seems like this marijuana plant does have a lot of needs, the common marijuana plant growing techniques are to be used to ensure the maximum yield. It requires proper plant care for it to thrive through it will survive even if given a minimum amount of care. The appearance of Bubble Gum is that of a sativa plant, due to the medium height stature and the indica type in it, these plants are susceptible to thecommon plant problems which are mold, powdery mildew, and root rot. Thereshould be care given to prevent these kinds of plant problems by ensuring thatthe growing environment is dry. There should be enough growing medium provided for the root system. The stretch of this plant is not so wide and the height is medium so it can be easily cultivated indoors. The recommended vegetative time for these seedlings is 5 weeks. Bubble Gum strain indoor yield is at 300 to 450grams per square meter. 

Bubble Gum Strain Review

A Dutch coffee shop patron stated that this weed blows one away because of the euphoric high that brings about a dream-like experience. The aroma is fantastic. It is high-grade that beats a few of those new school marijuana power strains. Extraordinary, this hit is long-lasting and strong.

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