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    Chronic Strain: Award-Winning Weed That Has A Single Huge Bud

    Chronic Strain: Award-Winning Weed That Has A Single Huge Bud

    A connoisseur weed strain, Chronic is a must to be added to any cannabis seed collection and are to be kept as great novelty items. Chronic seeds are included in the preferred list to be planted by commercial marijuana growers. Home cultivars will like to plant their own homegrown Chronic because of the potency and the interesting way the buds ... Read More
    lamb's bread strain

    Lamb’s Bread Strain: Jamaican Sativa Weed That Bob Marley Smoked

    Whether you choose to call this strain Lamb’s Bread, Lambsbread, or Lamb’s Breath, there is no denying the popularity and potency of this Jamaican cannabis strain. Said to be one of the favorites of Rastafarian and musical legend Bob Marley himself, Lamb’s Bread strain is considered to be one of the best sativa landrace strains in the world.  This sativa ... Read More
    Get the Sweet and Tangy Cerebral High with Orange Crush

    Get the Sweet and Tangy Cerebral High with Orange Crush

    If you are looking for that sweet and tangy cannabis taste with the potent cerebral effects then you must try Orange Crush. This strain is a sativa-dominant strain made by combining two very potent strains CaliforniaOrange and Blueberry. It flowers fast to give you lovely buds in as quick as 9weeks. It may have moderate amounts of THC but it ... Read More
    master kush strain

    Master Kush Strain: Easy To Grow Award-Winning Weed

    Master Kush marijuana is one of the most popular indica dominant strains in Canada, particularly in the West Coast. Originally from Amsterdam, this hybrid has effects that can leave you with blissful creativity for hours on end. Award-winning, with a large following, Master Kush cannabis strain is not only a favorite for recreational use but has a laundry list of ... Read More
    Introducing MK Ultra for Potent Mental Manipulation

    Introducing MK Ultra for Potent Mental Manipulation

    MK Ultra is an indica-dominant strain that is known for its powerful cerebral effects. It is said that the name MK Ultra was derived from the actual technique used by the CIA in manipulating its subjects. This is a cross between an OG Kush and a G-13 strain. Because of its powerful parents, this strain has made its mark as ... Read More
    Purple God Bud: Weed for the Gods

    Purple God Bud: Weed for the Gods

    One of the rarest and the most potent indica-dominant strain is Purple God Bud. It is recommended as an evening strain because it can make you feel relaxed and very sleepy. It may be so named because of its ability to overpower insomnia which is mostly very hard to manage. It is the strain for the gods because of its ... Read More
    indica vs sativa

    Indica VS Sativa: A Guide to Understanding the Two Cannabis Plants

    Indica vs Sativa- what is your pick? Choosing a cannabis strain that is perfect for its purpose is quite challenging. There definitely is a need to understand the difference between these two cannabis plants. What if you are presented with a guide to connect the dots and have a clearer view of what each of these plants has to offer? ... Read More

    What Is The Best Way To Smoke Hash?

    Smoking hash gives a little bit more intense effects than smoking weed. Hash has been around for as long as the discovery of weed. It is more potent than weed and has considerably much higher THC content than plain weed. The process of separating and compressing the structure and trichomes of a bud into a block of brown paste at ... Read More

    Which is the Best Marijuana To Grow in Canada?

    Indoors or Outdoors? Canada is generally known for its cold climate, merciless winters and sleet. However, what non-Canadians don’t know is that maple country actually has a diverse type of weather depending on the region. It could vary from permafrost in the north to four distinct seasons towards the equator. In the summer, the temperature could rise up to 35 ... Read More

    Weed Hangover: Is it Real?

    If you have tried drowning and drinking all night from tequilas and beer, then you probably know the awful effects of a hang-over. It destroys your motivation and creativity at work for a day or two. But have you tried experiencing a weed hang-over ever since you started weed smoking? This too is an irrevocable side-effect that you have to ... Read More

    What Is Moon Rock Weed and How Strong Is It?

    If you are into cannabis then one of the things that you must try is the moon rocks. This the type of cannabis that you should not underestimate either. Moon rocks were initially made for connoisseurs that are looking to elevate their smoking experience. If you are in the mood to try this type of cannabis then you are bound ... Read More