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    dank sinatra

    Powerhouse Dank Sinatra Strain Has THC Levels That Hits 33%

    Fly to the moon with a powerful hit that packs a whopping THC level of 33%. Dank Sinatra strain has the full spectrum of effects as it is a hybrid with the best of the characteristic hits of both the indica and sativa type. This weed has the DNAgenetics of a rare marijuana plant and a notorious one. With an ... Read More
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    Moby Dick Strain: A Winning Indica-Dominant Cannabis Hybrid

    Moby Dick is a strain that has originated from Amsterdam. It is known as one of the strongest Sativa strains with its awesome cerebral stimulation. It has high THC content which it takes from its very potent parents White Widow and Haze. You can count on Moby Dick to help you with stress, depression, and pain. It is also a ... Read More

    The White Castle Strain Above the Skies

    What does it feel like to be floating on a castle that is settled on the heavens above? This is what this White Castle strain allows you to experience. You will feel more than just a crown that is placed on your head but also a feeling of gratitude and incredible high that will make you step up on that ... Read More
    Death Star Strain: Go With The Powerhouse Of The Force

    Death Star Strain: Go With The Powerhouse Of The Force

    Named after the StarWars space station, the powerful Death Star strain will bring out the Jedi in you. With an extremely high THC level that reaches up to 27%, this short marijuana plant has the potency that makes it a fantastic recreational and medical marijuana weed strain. It has the body-high of indica with the tingling and numbing sensation that ... Read More
    Girl Scout Cookies Strain Is Delicious And Extremely Potent

    Girl Scout Cookies Strain Is Delicious And Extremely Potent

    Girl Scout Cookies is one of the top indica-dominant strains in the world. It has amazingly high THC levels that can reach 28%. Popular for its medicinal value, it is commonly used to provide pain relief and get rid of inflammation. For recreational purposes, it is one of the most sought-after strains as it provides a highly pleasurable stoney daze ... Read More
    green crack strain canada

    Green Crack Strain: Two Phenotypes Grown From Seeds

    The popular Green Crack is a sativa-dominant strain that is one of the most popular hybrids there are in the cannabis community made even more of a fan-favorite by Snoop Dogg. The other phenotype is an indica-dominant weed. These two types do vary yet the overall effects do have certain similarities. The type that is sought-after is the sativa-dominant one. ... Read More
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    Grape God Strain: Clusters Of Beautiful And Soothing Buds

    High-quality cannabis that has moderately high THC levels and a fabulous taste is weed that is great for recreational and medical use. Grape God is a descendant of a legendary weed strain and this pot has the soothing properties that make it an excellent natural remedy for numerous health concerns. Grape God Strain has the capacity to tap the inner ... Read More
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    Hawaiian Haze Strain: Enjoy A Fantastic Balance Head With A THC High Of 26%

    Hawaiian Haze is a well-balanced hybrid that is best to use during the daytime as it energizes the body and expands the mind. Unlike most balanced weed strain, this particular hybrid has more Sativa effects without the roller coaster high that other balanced weed strains have. It has an intense high with THC levels that reach up to a fantastic ... Read More
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    A Tropical Way to Get Stoned: Watermelon Strain

    A marijuana strain that will give you a smoking experience worth the while. Watermelonmarijuana strain is one of the top-selling marijuana strains in the market recognized for its mellow but lasting effects on both the mind and the body. The tropical flavors are enriched with its relatively rich cannabinoid content that will leave smokers wanting for more. The great thing ... Read More
    Jack Herer Strain: First Medical Marijuana Weed Recognized By The Dutch Government

    Jack Herer Strain: First Medical Marijuana Weed Recognized By The Dutch Government

    Exquisite Ganga, Jack Herer strain is Amsterdam weed. One of the most popular pots in the world, this marijuana plant is recognized by Dutch pharmacies as medical-grade. This distinction is one that is solely for Jack Herer weed strain that was chosen by the Dutch government for study decades ago to become the first recognized medical marijuana in the world. ... Read More
    Bruce Banner – Strong and Hard Smashing Sativa Strain

    Bruce Banner Strain – Strong and Hard Smashing Sativa Strain

    The BruceBanner strain became popular for its massive THC potency of around 25 to 29percent. With a potency of this proportion, the cerebral high of the strain can give you critically large amounts of energy and bliss. It will seem as if the tiny green monster is smashing away all negative thoughts and pain inside your body. What is Bruce ... Read More
    nuken strain

    Nuken Strain For Fantastic Functional High

    When you hear the word Nuken, what do you immediately think about? Most would doubt that this strain is too strong while some may think that it has an overpowering high. But actually, it’s quite the opposite. Nukenwill come out strong but it will keep you relaxed, stress-free and creative. Nuken is the result of the union of two fantastic ... Read More