Benefits of Recreational Cannabis

It is now official Canada is the second country, behind Uruguay, to legalize the consumption of recreational cannabis. On October 17, 2018. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lived up to his campaign pledge to keep cannabis out from the hands of kids and to reduce marijuana-related crime. There are restrictions in the purchase and use of […]

Critical Mass Strain Has Huge Buds Can Break The Branch

Big Bud weed evolvedinto Critical Mass that has high yields and is a stable strain. This weed wasgenetically reworked in Amsterdam. The weight of the gigantic buds when nearlyready to harvest is so heavy that it can snap the branch. The hit islong-lasting and the euphoric high has a strong sedative effect. There are someusers […]

Fruity, Sweet and Satisfying Pineapple Express

One of the most satisfying tropical cannabis strains in themarket is Pineapple Express. This is a hybrid strain made from a combination ofpotent parents Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell of this strain is the mostobvious selling point. This has a smell similar to mango and fresh apples with pineappleand cedar aftertastes. But the smell is […]

Purple Kush: Taste the Delicious Fruity Kushness

One of the rarest, pure indica breeds is Purple Kush. This is a strain that was cultivated in Oakland, California with the union of two potent strains Hindu Kush and purple afghani. You can easily identify Purple Kush because of its delicious aromawith an earthy and sweet taste popular among Kush strains. This is a […]

A Kick Like No Other, Violator Marijuana Strain

Violator is one of our top recommendations on what strains to try. The violator will make you feel like time has passed by and you did not even notice. It is definitely a strain that will not just induce physical body highness considering its relatively high levels of cannabinoid content. Whatyou will love about it […]

Quantom OG Kush for a Clear-Headed High

Quantom OG Kush is a Sativa strain made by the union of a Sweet Irish Kush and a Timewreck. This combination gave birth to a potent strain that will give you that satisfying high but without making you lose your mind. QuantomKush OG is a good strain for people who want to spend the day […]

Blue Cheese – Pungent and Sweet Cheese Indica Strain

The Blue Cheese strain is an indica hybrid that combines the tasty profile ofberries and cheese to form a unique flavor. In addition, the indica straindelivers a strong sedative effect that will make you incredibly happy andrelaxed. Apart from your mind, Blue Cheese melts away the tense parts of yourbody and soothe your muscles into […]

Very Satisfying Smoking Session with Shishkaberry Marijuana Strain

Are you up for a challenge in smoking marijuana? You are in luck. We introduce to you marijuana strain that will keep you physically and mentally stoned, Shishkaberry. It demonstrates an intense high inducing a variety of effects from your mind throughout your body. Several awards were bestowed to Shishkaberry because of its outstanding richness […]

Get Stoned Like a Rockstar

Do you want amellow physical and mental buzz that will make your smoking session worth thewhile? We introduce to you the famous Rockstar strain. A marijuana strain withan earthy and tropical taste and aroma that will leave you in the state ofcomplete relaxation. The effects build equally on your mind and body. Theobjective of Rockstar […]

Roam Beyond Reality with Romulan Marijuana Strain

Do you want to add more excitement to your usual marijuana smoking session? Romulan is one of the best strains to try leaving you completely beguiled. The objective of this strain is to provide medicinal and recreational relief to its users. You would get to enjoy its lasting tranquilizing after effects promoting physical and mental […]

Bubble Gum Strain: Flavor Burst Of Weed

The all-Americanfavorite flavor of bubblegum is naturally found in the Bubble Gum strain.You’ll adore this unique weed flavor is sought-after as it also that dreamyhigh that can get you to transport into your younger, carefree days with abubble gum machine because of the euphoric haze. It can bring about morezen-like days because of the calming […]


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