Ways on How to Smoke Hash the Right Way

  Smoking hash gives a little bit more intense effects than smoking weed. Hash has been around for as long as the discovery of weed. It is more potent than weed and has considerably much higher THC content than plain weed. The process of separating and compressing the structure and trichomes of a bud into […]

Which is the Best Marijuana Growing in Canada?

Indoors or Outdoors?   Canada is generally known for its cold climate, merciless winters and sleet. However, what non-Canadians don’t know is that, maple country actually has a diverse type of weather depending on the region. It could vary from permafrost in the north to four distinct seasons towards the equator. In the summer, the […]

Weed Hangover: Is it Real?

If you have tried drowning and drinking all night from tequilas and beer, then you probably know the awful effects of a hang-over. It destroys your motivation and creativity at work for a day or two. But have you tried experiencing a weed hang-over ever since you started weed smoking? This too is an irrevocable […]

What Is Moon Rock Weed and How Strong Is It?

If you are into cannabis then one of the things that you must try is the moon rocks. This the type of cannabis that you shod not underestimate either. Moon rocks were initially made for connoisseurs that are looking to elevate their smoking experience. If you are in the mood to try this type of […]

Why Marijuana Gives you the Munchies

4 Practical Reasons Why Marijuana Gives you the Munchies   What is the "munchies"? Have you ever had a good pot session and suddenly felt a strong urge to gobble all sorts of edibles after? Almost all weed consumptions lead to users feeling hungry. The slang for this feeling of hunger is "munchies". Various factors […]

Top 10 Marijuana Edibles that you Should Try

The Marijuana industry is indeed a wonder. Due to the legalization of Marijuana in many countries now, its production flourished at many ends. One of its indication is the production of the delicious variants in the form of edibles. For a time, the demand pushed people to creatively come up with new wonders. The Marijuana […]

Top 10 Cool Weed Smoking Accessories

It’s inevitable to smoke weed especially when you’re at a party or at a small group gathering with friends. However, don’t you want to look dope while smoking at a pipe? Wouldn’t it be cooler if you had something that would make your pot more anticipated and exciting perhaps a weed gadget or an accessory? […]

Tips on How to Decarboxylate Weed

Decarboxylation of Marijuana   One major misconception regarding marijuana is that it is naturally psychoactive. Marijuana in its raw form, does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is the main psychoactive element that gets you high and stoned. Fresh weed has various constituents that provides benefits different than THC’s. While THC offers a psychoactive effect, […]

Things You Didn’t know about Cannabis Roots

A lot of people knew what a cannabis plant can do, it’s great for recreational activities and is also a good alternative medicine for people with severe health conditions like insomnia. Almost all parts of the plant from its roots to the tip of its buds can be used and smoked, you can even get […]

The Most Common Mistake People Make in Preparing Marijuana Edibles

What We Must Know Yet We must know for a fact how difficult it is to prepare Marijuana edibles. Such affair demands unquestionable command/expertise in the cannabis-cooking field. You cannot just simply dip your fingers into the bowl and mix these things altogether. No. That is not the case. The process of turning Marijuana into […]


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