Benefits of Recreational Cannabis

It is now official Canada is the second country, behind Uruguay, to legalize the consumption of recreational cannabis. On October 17, 2018. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lived up to his campaign pledge to keep cannabis out from the hands of kids and to reduce marijuana-related crime.

There are restrictions in the purchase and use of marijuana to avoid abuse by users these vary in every province and territory. When taken properly it has positive effects on the body.

Cannabis users are chatty people, they speak their minds and exchange ideas easily. Talk to them and you will be persuaded to follow their line of thinking.

It can change your personality. Shyness is a social disadvantage by using marijuana you can be changed into a totally different person. People want to be near you; you are assertive, sociable, and full of life.

CBD interacts with the brain making users feel more imaginative, artistic, and animated. The mind is busy creating things; the thoughts are transformed into actions unraveling one’s creativity.

The senses are increased. A user craves for the taste of food and can’t get enough of musical sound. They imagine things such as watching a falling ball in slow motion.

There is a feeling of happiness, you view life in a positive way and everything around you is beautiful. This joyful spirit will help you cope with daily stress.

Further, legalizing cannabis creates an industry worth over $4 billion compared to the annual cost of enforcing marijuana laws of $500 million. Implementation of laws was a failure it did not prevent the use or availability of cannabis, especially among minors.

With the government system in place, the circulation of cannabis will be strictly monitored from seed to distribution, legislators are confident the use of cannabis will be controlled.

The stumbling blocks that delay the research and development for medicinal purposes will be removed allowing it to move forward. Citizens will benefit from the medicine resulting from marijuana.

By law cannabis edibles and concentrates can now be purchased legally. So, if you crave for weed-infused gummy bears, drinks, baked goodies, liquid sprays, vape and refill cartridge, personal hygiene and pet care products check out M.O.M, your Canadian marijuana connection.

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