A Kick Like No Other, Violator Marijuana Strain

A Kick Like No Other, Violator Marijuana Strain

Violator is one of our top recommendations on what strains to try. The violator will make you feel like time has passed by and you did not even notice. It is definitely a strain that will not just induce physical body highness considering its relatively high levels of cannabinoid content. Whatyou will love about it are its medicinaland recreational benefits that you do not have to compromise what you want fromwhat you need. Violator has the ability to recharge your tired body and mind injust one hit.

What isViolator Strain?

Violator Kush is an indica-dominant marijuana strain known for its richness in medicinal and recreational benefits. Apparently, because of its relatively high cannabinoid content, it is not recommended for novice smokers because of the powerful effects it can induce on your mind and body. Marijuana smokers are obsessed with how the effects gradually accelerate leaving you completely in the state of calm. It produces beautiful buds which are medium in size and are spade-shaped. The color is a mix of neon green and light green blending with its bright chrome undertones nearly gold with a layer of fiery orange hair peeking through its surface. You will be impressed with the fine layer of crystal white trichomes coated in sticky resin inducing the sweet aftertaste. Its potency is undeniably impressive with what it can do and what are the conditions it can treat increasing the interest of marijuana lovers.

History of Violator Cannabis Strain

Violator orViolator Kush is what you get from cross-breeding two classic strains, MalanaCharas Kush and Hindu Kush produced byBarney’s Farm—old school Dutch breeders. This is one of the most resinous strains they have to offer with a luscious sweet taste. Studying the roots of Violator, one of its parents, Malana Charas Kush is one of the premium quality cannabis which is utilized as an element in the production of Malana Cream ending up popular to tourists in India. On the other hand, Hindu Kush, another classic strain establishedfor being a pure potent indica. No wonder why Violator possesses such power andwhy people are hooked to its taste, aroma, andside-effects.

Characteristics of Violator Cannabis Strain

  • Cannabinoid Content

THC: 19% up to 24% (not recommended for novice cannabis smokers)

CBD: 1.5% up to 2%

CBN: not applicable

  • Classification

Sativa: 20%

Indica: 80%

  • Lineage

Its roots came from Malana Charas Kush and Hindu Kush

  • Smell

The smell of Violator marijuana strain is very enticing. It comes in pine, woody, herbal, hash and spicy aroma. Every time you break the nuggets, the aroma sears through your nose leaving you completely beguiled. It only proves how potent the strain is with how strong the scent is. As you exhale its smoke, you will be able to savor the earthy pungent aftertaste like you had a taste of herbs. The aroma is a bit strong but it will give you that smooth and soothing exhale on every hit. It has a huge impact on the effects considering that the taste of nature itself leaves your nerves calmed and relaxed.

  • Taste

The taste of Violator is very strong and savory that will leave you wanting for more. Its flavors come in pepper, spicy, pine, earthy and mossy taste making it not that difficult to smoke especially for those people trying Violator for the first time. You would not deny how much you will enjoy and savor Violator that you cannot compare it with any other strain because of its distinct and certain flavors and aroma. The spicy taste is more on menthol which helps in leaving you with a cool soothing feeling.

  • Effects


Who would not be impressed with the medicinal benefits of Violator? It is one of the recommended marijuana strains recognized for its richness in medicinalbenefits. It has a solid 1.5% up to 2% cannabidiol content which helps intreating pain-related conditions such as arthritis, headache, migraine, andbody pain. In addition to this, it also alleviates cases of inflammation suchas asthma and gastrointestinal disorder. Patients seek Violator because it is abig help in boosting their appetite accompanying them in gaining strength. Forpeople or patients exposed to too much stress, Violator helps in treatedstress-related disorders such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, andother related conditions. Smoking Violator is a big relief for their acquiredconditions which are usually treated with laboratory-formulated medicines. Inaddition to this, it is also a suggested treatment for patients with ADD andADHD alleviating their cases of hyperactivity and developing their sense offocus and concentration.


Violator promotes intense cerebral buzz which induces the feeling of euphoria or genuine happiness. You tend to be talkative developing your socializing skills but at the same time confused with therelaxing feeling, it is giving you.Gradually, as the smoke kicks in, yourbody will be in total relaxation feeling couch-locked like you are lying on abed of clouds. It is best smoked or vaped in the evening for maximum results.Violator is the ultimate natural sedative that will help you catch some sleep.It is indeed an indica-dominant strain with all the recreational properties itpossesses.

  • Flowering Time

On an average, it takes eight up to nine weeks up until it is ready to be harvested.

  • Growing Experience

Violator is not that difficult to grow considering that it has natural resisting powers from molds and pests but not mildews since it is organically grown. Since it does not require experience for you to cultivate, first-time growers are more than welcome to try.

How to Grow Violator Cannabis Strain?

Violator is a marijuana strain suggested for first-time growers in spite of its requirements and preferences. It works well for being grown indoors and outdoors as long as there is good ventilation promoting air circulation. It should be grown in an environment with a cool climate to maintain how it was cultivated in the mountainous regions. Growing indoors, Violator can be planted hydroponics and soil and is able to adapt to ScrOG or Screen of Green method. In about eight up to nine weeks you will be able to harvest yield of 16 up to 18 ounces per square meter. If you will be growing it outdoors, the suggested harvest time is around the middle of September and the minimum yield you can get is 22 ounces.

Violator Strain Review

Violator Kushis one of our top recommendations considering its vast positive reviews on how it affects people medicinally and recreationally. People love it because it does not affect much of your speaking and motor skills. You will not even feel it because of the effects gradually hit you. Based on real experience from users and smokers, they suggest that it is the best to smoke before going to bed because of its natural sedating properties. The feeling of comfort is undeniablyirresistible because of relief from pain. Your body will act like it isslightly paralyzed wherein the feeling of restlessness, anxiety, and pain willeventually be gone in a couple tokes of Violator. Needy patients are seekingfor Violator because of the variety of medicinal and recreational advantages itoffers.

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